The catalogue cover


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Here is the cover for the exhibition catalogue for Printed in Norfolk, Coracle Publications 1989-2012.  The catalogue has been designed by long-term Coracle collaborator, Colin Sackett and includes articles by Coracle director, Simon Cutts, writer, poet and critic John Bevis … Continue reading


Just bumped into Neil Powell from NUCA in town and he’s got the next set of drawings for the exhibition at the gallery here in Norwich. Two large tables are going to be created and some smart chairs have been found. The gallery will be divided in two, creating two large rooms where people will be able to take their time looking at Coracle publications. Larger works will be wall-mounted and we’re going to have more rare works in cases too. The space will mirror the gallery’s large ‘shop window’, which itself is split in two. Should look great.

The catalogue

We’re currently proof reading the catalogue for Printed in Norfolk. Colin Sackett’s done a great job with the design and John Bevis’ piece ‘A Star-gazey Pie’ is a fascinating overview of the Coracle story.