Poetry and writing

“Coracle has, through her art and books, reinvented the very idea of line, and place,
thus defying lineage and placement. Coracle is that rare vessel that travels lightly,
even with substantial gear, and knows how to navigate between waves.”
Roger Conover, Executive Editor, MIT Press

For anyone interested in the poetry side of Coracle’s work, the exhibition Printed in Norfolk includes publications made with poets John Bevis, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Harry Gilonis, Susan Howe, Cralan Kelder, Thomas Meyer and William Minor, and in particular, by Coracle Director, Simon Cutts.

is the first
that comes

the last
to go

as the speed
of light

leaving, only
a distant

Readers may also be interested in Erica Van Horn’s journal documenting life in rural Ireland Living Locally.

24 December Saturday Christmas Eve
A woman in the village wanted to know if I had heard some man singing. She could not remember his name but she said he was a truly great singer. She said he was like a mix between James Brown and Pavorotti.


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