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We have just heard that Sheffield-based writers collective COPY has been successful in its application to Grants for the Arts for funding for a residency to coincide with Printed in Norfolk’s visit to Site Gallery in Sheffield on 10th August to 8th September.

This gives the go ahead to Site Gallery’s exciting plans to use Printed in Norfolk (which in Sheffield will be known by it’s subsidiary title ‘Coracle Press, 1989 to 2012‘) as the launch-pad and inspiration for a broader celebration of artists’ books under the umbrella title of ‘print it’.

In Site Gallery’s words;

“Print it, 10th August – 8th September is inspired by the pioneering work of Coracle Press whose activity has included working closely with local and international artists and poets for over 35 years to make books and bookshops, galleries and installations from small to large scale.

For the summer of 2012, Site Gallery presents singular and seminal book works, publications and other allied works from the last two decades of Coracle’s production.

Coming at a critical moment in the history and future of the book, the artist collective COPY will undertake an explorative residency in the exhibition.  A curated book shop of artists’ publishing from international independent publishers completes the project.”

We are looking forward to working with artists Charlotte Morgan and Joanne Loveday of COPY. They will be in residence at Site throughout our exhibition and will be hosting conversations, undertaking research and making new physical, printed and written works.

And the extended bookshop is coming together well too. We have been working with Site Gallery and RGAP on this to put together a selection of works by leading artists’ book publishers from the UK, USA and Europe plus key reference works.

So put a date in the diary to treat yourself to a feast of artists’ books this summer at Site Gallery (10th August to 8th September).

ps. If you’re wondering where the title ‘print it’ came from, it’s inspired by the Charles Ohlsen quote that features in Printed in Norfolk;  “Don’t ever be intimidated by the disdain or disinterest of the world. Get yourself some type, get yourself some paper, and print it.”

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